Decorative charging station

Boasting an intriguing bottle shape design, Gloo is the first wireless charging station you’ll want to show off and make a centerpiece. 

In addition to delivering power both wirelessly and through its built-in USB ports, Gloo can also be used as a connected ambient lighting system and a smartphone holder to take video calls or group selfies.








Gloo Mini

Charge up to 3 devices1 wirelessly / 2 by USB9600 mAh

Gloo Regular

Charge up to 4 devices2 wirelessly / 2 by USB20 000 mAh



Charging multiple devices at once becomes effortless and elegant with Gloo. Its unparalleled performance delivers a fast and secure charge to any of your wireless or USB devices - without the need for endless power sockets and unsightly cables.

Proprietary technology


At Deconnect, we have designed and patented a groundbreaking way to wirelessly charge mobile devices vertically, and on a surface that is shaped as opposed to flat - unlike existing wireless chargers - we’ve called this Wireless Surface Charging. Thanks to this exclusive technology we can offer a unique wireless charging experience on virtually any object, regardless of its shape.

Deco Pads


The Gloo family also counts a Fast Charging 10W Wireless Pad that is not only compatible with Gloo Regular and Gloo Mini, but also with any QI-certified device, including the latest iPhone or Samsung smartphones.

At Deconnect, we saw an opportunity to develop a range of pads meticulously crafted with the most refined materials - stylish designs that have been carefully curated with the help of our interior designers. We wanted to offer our customers not only an elegant resting place for your Gloo to charge its internal battery but also a stylish charging spot for those premium smartphones that deserve more than just a low-quality charging plate.


Mobile App

Gloo will be Bluetooth / WiFi-enabled to seamlessly connect to your smartphone. Thanks to the Deconnect Mobile App, you’ll be able tocontrol your lighting environment, select countless colors or choose pre-set ambiances and lighting scenarios for your surroundings.

The Deconnect Mobile App will also provide you with detailed information about your built-in battery status as well as help you control the future Gloo 360 Cam and share content and moments on key social networks.

For the campaign launch, we’re enabling a fun and unique Augmented Reality feature within the Deconnect App that will let you preview just how great Gloo will look inside your home.

Gloo-01 copie

Your life is becoming smarter, your home too

Based in Miami, Deconnect specializes in the smart-home market. Our brand was born out of a desire to reimagine everyday household objects, reinventing them as stylish and smart pieces that use the very best materials tocomplement today’s contemporary interiors and connected lifestyles equally.

Gloo-02 copie

Tech Specs


Gloo Regular

Gloo Mini